Friday, November 5, 2010


It is about time I updated my blog. Where does the time go? Well, after a fun summer at camp, we decided to have some "family time" at home. We went to the zoo....

Went waterskiing at East Canyon Resevoir...
and spent a weekend in Park City! It was so nice to spend time with just our boys.
YEA for us!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Friends

The Hollands came to visit- we had fun hanging out with them and seeing our kids hit it off.
The Williams family came down to say good-bye. Their family lived behind us and her kids we my kids' buddies. They moved to Little Rock and it has been sad to have them gone. My house is much quieter without them. We miss their cute faces.

Luke found a friend this summer. He is my kid that finds plenty of animal friends. He found a large frog in Lake Powell that his uncle (Steve) "rescued" and set free. Luke was NOT happy.

Here is Bens friend that moved to Arkansas. It is difficult getting used to not having these kids around-we miss them. !!!!

Goodbye Summer

This summer was a lot of fun and I am lamenting that it is over already and that my kids are in school. Camp was short, but we had such great kids this summer that made it fly by even faster! We had a few visits from family and friends. My nephew came down and spent time with my boys- we love JW. Linda came down and saved me from cooking by myself the first weekend. My mom came down and saved me the rest of the summer. We then went to Lake Powell with some friends and stayed on a beautiful houseboat and had a great time! (pictures to follow when I find my camera battery)...Love,Love,Love my summers------school, here we come!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is how I feel about school ending and summer beginning. I think that this expression sums it all up. I love it that inbetween school and going to the ranch we have some time with no schedule and we can have some free time with me and the boys. (Dan still has work, so I try not to rub it in too much):)
Our favorite pasttime was to ride our bikes (all 4 of my boys can ride 2-wheelers now) to Maverik and get treats! The other day I ran and my 2 youngest rode their bikes for almost 4 miles! How fun is that? This picture was taken in the fall, but the summer is even more beautiful. Everything is so green against the red rock and blue sky. The mornings are myfavorites. I love to go out and exercise in the cool, clean air and enjoy my surroundings. I feel really lucky to have my summers here. Love, love, love summer!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


O.k. so, he looks innocent enough, but it is deceiving. I can hardly believe it myself, but behind those sweet eyes and charming smile, there is a little devil in there somewhere that shows his face every once-in-a-while and when he does oh boy watch out!
Ever since Luke was little, he has had a difficult time channeling his anger, remember when he put all of our Christmas goodies in the fish tank, or cut up a bunch of money or spilled nail polish (bright red) on our brand new carpet? Or how about the time he took everything out of our storage closet and emptied them and smeared them on our upstairs carpet and hallway (lotions, shampoos, rubbing alcohol etc.) Well, as of late, as he gets bigger, so does the destruction in our home. We have a few more holes where we didn't plan on having them, and very creative art work on our walls that I wish was on paper instead, but what do you do?
This weekend, there was something in the air....all of my boys caught it and as a result, they were all grounded on Monday. Sunday mornings are hard enough to get the kids ready and on time for church. Well, Luke woke up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason and had to go to his room to think about his temper tantrum. I always get a bit nervous to discipline him because I know that I will pay for it in some way or another. So, he was upstairs, and very quiet, so I went up to check on him. I didn't notice anything right away, so we talked about his behavior and then he was able to come out and join the family.
We all arrived to church (early...a miracle in and of itself) and we got seated in the middle of the chapel and all was going well until Luke "accidently" hit Ben in the facewhen he was pulling a lid off of a pen and his hand slipped and as a result ended up on Bens cheek. Well, Ben didn't see what had happened and thought Luke was smacking him in the face for no reason, and decided that the best thing to do would be to punch Luke back in the face with his fist! Now, here we are in the MIDDLE of the chapel and my boys are in a fist fight! After church, we came home and I was really tired. I went upstairs and everyone had calmed down, and was watching T.V. I laid down in bed and turned on a show, Ben came upstairs to watch it with Dan and me. After a while, I asked Ben to check on the other boys downstairs, he came back in and said,"Mom, you don't want to even go down there." I asked why and he told me there was water EVERYWHERE. I went down to find that my whole kitchen floor and T.V. room was soaking in water. My boys thought that it would be fun to have a water fight INSIDE the house. They took latex gloves and filled them with water and chucked them at each other. My carpet was soaking in water, you know, the kind of wet that when you step on the carpet, your foot sinks into it and a couple inches of water come over the top of your foot! And to top it off, there was a pile of pretzels that were now soggy under one of the chairs. (Amazing how food gets in the T.V. room when we have a rule that there is to be no food anywhere but in the kitchen.) I was not a happy camper.
Monday comes around and everyone was in trouble. I go to put on my favorite sweat pants and notice that someone had taken scissors to them. I then looked around and noticed that he (Luke) had taken my haircutting scissors and cut up a few other things too. I went into his room and found that he had thrown a bunch of things outside from his window! Now, I know why he was so quiet in time out Sunday morning, he was pretty busy.
Later that day we had to go to the store and get new shoes for a couple of the boys. While we were there, Luke asks if he could get a treat, I said "no" and didn't think much of it. We get home and I see that Luke is playing with something in his pocket---I ask to see what it is and he slowly brings out his hand with a piece of candy in it. I about died! So, I told him we were going to have to go back and pay for it with his own money. We go upstairs and get out his piggybank and I was amazed to see how much money he actually had. I asked him how he got so much money, he revealed that he had been getting it from his brothers and from our change drawer! WHAT? After we had another discussion about stealing....we took some of the money (probably Joshs) and went back to the store. On the way down I was explaining how when people take things that are not theirs, sometimes the police come and take people to jail. Stealing is serious and that he would be very lucky if they decided not to call the police. I was hoping that this would scare him enough to think about what the concequences would be. We get to the store hoping I had prepped him enough that he would be a little scared. We get to the counter and the clerk (a 17 yr old skater-dude) is behind the counter and we tell him what happened and that we want to pay for the candy, and he replys "Thats o.k. dude, it will be a $1.53." and laughs. Luke thought that what he had done must have been kindof "cute" so he starts to smile and giggle. GREAT! Blew that one too.
What am I doing wrong as a parent? I feel that everything I do gets turned around somehow and my really brilliant speeches, lessons and talks are not sinking in as I would think that they should.
Ever had "One of those weekends" where one thing after another seems to happen and nothing goes as planned and no one listens? Well, that was my weekend. I write about it not to label my child(ren) as NAUGHTY, but more as a therapy and definately as a journal, so that in 20 years (and it may take that long) I can look back and laugh. I know that I will miss these days because, Luke may be cutting up clothing now, but in 10 years it may be worse:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Sisters Trip!

I always look forward to my sisters trip every year. This year is was VEGAS! O.K. so if anyone has been to Las Vegas lately they will know that Vegas is pretty much a hole! So, that said, we had a lot of fun and love getting together no matter where it may be. The highlight for me was going to the Vegas temple, very pretty and quite a beautiful oasis! Loved being able to go with my siblings and my hubby!
Of course, another highlight was meeting our president...he was happy to meet me too I think!

We did many fun activities one of them was car racing. I would have won if we were able to do a few more laps, but Steve took it all, (no surprises there).

We played in a tennis tournament, and in our minds, Dan and I won. But Kent and Steve bullied us into the last game and we were exhausted. Another highlight was the aquarium that we went to. Those are jellyfish behind us:) Very cool. Sharks, eels, and all kinds of fish- Good times.

Despite the fact that we had a blast with the family, we were ready to come home after a weekend on inhaling smoke, seeing way too much skin and watching people lose all of their money. Who wouldn't want to come home to this? We missed the boys. Next year????


Love the snow! We have had so much fun skiing this winter. I have taken a bunch of little boys up a few times, and it has been great. I love that my boys are getting into skiing (it gives me a great excuse to go!)
We love playing in the white stuff. But as much as we love the is time for it to turn to spring. I don't mind the rain, the rain is great to run in and I love to listen to it and watch it come down. But the last few days have been so nice, that it is hard not to want spring to be here.